By Dewey Livingston

The Kohler home and outbuildings in Inverness were washed into Tomales Bay, utterly destroyed. Photograph by Christopher Springmann, courtesy of Jack Mason Museum of West Marin History.

Marin County has had its share of natural disasters, be they earthquakes, fires, and floods. Of the latter, the great storm of January 1982 — forty years ago — stands out in people’s memory. …

By Robert L. Harrison

Image from Sunset magazine, vol. 39, July- December 1917.

Leon Forrest Douglas (1869–1940), an inspired but modest inventor, lived with his family in San Rafael for 15 years from 1906 until 1921. Locally he was known as a wealthy and generous neighbor. He contributed to many civic causes and served on the 1911 Marin County…

By Carol Acquaviva

Hamilton Army Air Force Librarian Mary Frances Marinan in 1943.

In December 1944, shelves at the library at Hamilton Field’s army air force base were more empty than usual. Librarian Mary Frances Marinan had arranged to lend books to a specialized group of army employees: Air Traffic Control (ATC) personnel — pilots, flight clerks, engineers and others…

By Robert L. Harrison

Denman Family — of Olema and Petaluma — on the porch of their home in Petaluma on Thanksgiving, 1905. Anne T. Kent California Room Collection.

A special celebration of offering thanks for a successful harvest has endured in societies around the world for centuries. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were known to feast and praise their gods following an abundant fall crop. In Europe the Dutch have kept October 3rd as…

By Carol Acquaviva

Mattie Laura Jodon in 1916. Courtesy Pomona Valley Historical Society.

On July 12, 1909, the Pasadena Daily News published an article by Mattie Jodon, who wrote about her vacation to Marin County. Jodon stayed at Hotel Rafael, and traveled to Ross Valley through San Anselmo and Fairfax, and to Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais. Mattie was an illustrator, newspaper reporter, and travel writer whose work appeared in Out West Magazine. She was also the society editor of the Daily Progress newspaper in Pomona.

Martha “Mattie” Laura Jodon (1862–1950) was married to Frank Perley of Pomona until his death in 1915. She later married Pasadena resident Charles Fox.

Reprinted in the Marin Journal, July 22, 1909, and excerpted here.

Automobiles and carriages as well as hotel busses [sic] were depositing their loads of elegantly gowned women and smart-looking men at the porte-cochère of the hotel. A hearty welcome was extended from everyone.

Fine Climate


Anne T. Kent California Room

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